2016 Super Bowl Squares

2016 Super Bowl Squares

Our annual Super Bowl Squares are all set!

Everyone who made an appointment and saw Dr. Marcelino in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl earned squares based off what dental treatment was done!  Squares were picked on a first come first basis and to everyone I forgot to get to pick a square, I picked for you! (to make things fair)  Dr. Marcelino has randomly picked the numbers and winners are based off the last digit of each team’s score each quarter!

2016 Super Bowl Squares MDA0001

1st Quarter prize:  a Waterpik and a gift card to Olivia’s!

Halftime prize:  a high end electronic toothbrush and a gift card to Olivia’s!

3rd Quarter prize: a Waterpik and a gift card to Olivia’s!

Final Score prize: a choice between free Whitening or a free Invisalign records appointment!  Additionally, you also receive a gift card to Olivia’s!

Good Luck to everyone and have a fun Super Bowl Sunday!

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