2023 Super Bowl Squares

2023 Super Bowl Squares

After a break due to COVID-19, Dr. Marcelino has brought back his patient appreciation event… Super Bowl Squares!!

In the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, patients earned free squares based off their appointments. Squares were given out on a first come, first served basis.

Once all the squares were filled, Dr. Marcelino randomly drew the numbers 0-9 for each team.

Prizes will be determined by the score at the end of each quarter. The last digit of each team’s total points will be used to find the corresponding winner!

This year’s prizes are: 1st quarter – gift card to Olivia’s Trattoria in Little Silver, halftime – AirPods, 3rd quarter – another gift card to Olivia’s Trattoria, and the final score – an iPad!

Good luck everybody!

What a game! Congratulations to our winners! And a special Thank You! to the family that decided to donate their winning gift card! Awesome!

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